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VG电子比分手机版电脑版 VASCOR Automotive Ltd. wins Best 3PL Company of the Year

APLL VASCOR Awarded Best 3PL Company of the Year (Automotive) for commitment towards innovation and excellence

GURUGRAM, INDIA, September 20, 2018 – VG电子比分手机版电脑版 VASCOR Automotive Ltd. (“APLL VASCOR Automotive”) was awarded Best 3PL Company of the Year (Automotive) at Inflection Awards 2018, an event which seeks to honour leaders and organizations for their breakthroughs and achievements in innovation and excellence in fields such as Technology, Supply Chain, and Logistics. Considered one of India’s most prestigious awards, past and current category winners include luminary companies such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, and SAP. “This has been a fruitful year where we scaled up operations for AutoLinx℠ and further solidified our standing as an automotive logistics leader in India,” said Umesh Bhanot, Managing Director of APLL VASCOR Automotive, who accepted the award at Inflection 2018. “We offer a unique and innovative rail-based solution that ensures reliable, damage-free and cost-efficient distribution of finished vehicles across the country, and now operate 15 trains across the country. This award is testimony to the tireless efforts of our employees who work around the clock and exceed customer expectations. Our team is fully focused on providing a seamless and flawless experience for our clients, and I would like to dedicate this award to their commitment and hard work.” As a joint venture of VG电子比分手机版电脑版 and VASCOR, APLL VASCOR Automotive provides end-to-end automotive supply chain solutions including first / last mile transportation, yard management, quality assurance, engineering systems support, and customized solutions design. APLL VASCOR Automotive also has strong Japanese roots through VASCOR (a joint venture with FUJITRANS) as well as VG电子比分手机版电脑版 (a Kintetsu World Express Group company). These unique affiliations, coupled with a long-standing experience combining US systems with an understanding of local Indian realities, positions APLL VASCOR Automotive as the supply chain partner of choice for automotive OEMs and value chain players seeking to expand and grow in India.

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