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Improved container space utilization for export of finished vehicles through AutoDirect.


Customer Overview
  • American multinational automotive corporation with largest manufacturing plant in Yantai
  • Seeking to improve its container space utilization for its finished vehicle export from Yantai, China to Thailand
  • Longer lead time in current mode of transportation via Ro-Ro
  • High occurrences of vehicle damages during transportation
  • High costs of using current containerized shipping
Apl Logistics Solutions
  • Overall supply chain cost and weighted average transit time analysis was done based on shipment data to determine container utilization optimization
  • AutoDirect solution- containerized shipping that fit 4 cars instead of the previous limitation of only 2 cars
  • Fast Implementation- streamlined operation process and implementation plan, especially for vehicle loading/unloading process
  • Improved security and safety with minimal handling – reduced damages and theft
  • Shorter lead time with more carrier options, inclusive of door-to-door delivery
  • Cost reduction up to 20% with optimized container utilization
  • Fast implementation – 2 weeks for the overall onboarding process

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