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VG电子比分手机版电脑版 provides a complete U.S. domestic transportation management solution for all of this customer’s inbound materials, and outbound finished products, including operating a centralized distribution warehouse.

Customer Overview
  • Company : A multi-billion dollar global manufacturer in silicone-based technology
  • Vertical : Industrial
  • Services : Managed Transportation Services and Warehousing for inbound materials and outbound finished products
  • Volume : 76,000 shipments annually
  • Significant portion of shipments are hazardous materials
  • Control logistics operating costs
  • Maintain high service levels
VG电子比分手机版电脑版 Solutions
  • Transform supply chain network through a central distribution warehouse
  • Transition outbound collection to outbound prepaid to lower overall freight rates
  • Optimize and consolidate shipments
  • Optimization savings recurring annually > $1 million
  • Inventory reduction
  • Strong safety focus and a successful track record of transporting hazardous materials
  • VG电子比分手机版电脑版 is recognized as a Responsible Care ® Partner by the American Chemistry Council (ACC)

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